IIEF hold an Indonesia English Language Study Program (IELSP). It is a program that offers a chance to enroll in English Language Courses at universities in the United States of America (USA) for a period of 8 (eight) weeks.

The goal of this program is to improve the ability of participant’s English language, especially in English for Academic Purposes. Other than that, participants will have the chance to learn intimately the people and culture of USA. IELSP participant will join the immersion program where they will mix with other participant from other nations and countries. Within this program, participant will not only learn the English language, but they will also follow more cultural programs that will enrich their experience.

General Requirement

  • Participant age must be 19 – 24 years old. Participant must be an active students for bachelor degree in their 5th semester above at any universities all over Indonesia and have not yet declared pass or in the course of degree completion.
  • Participant must have posses good ability in the English language with a good TOEFL® International or TOEFL® ITP with a minimum 450 (not a Prediction Test)
  • Participant must also have good academic achievement Active in lots of activities and organization
  • Have full commitment to return back to Indonesia after completing this program.
  • Do not have experience of previous study in USA or other countries except Indonesia
  • Possesses these personal qualities: active, independent, responsible, confident and open minded
  • Master the skills for computer

Registration Schedule

Registration form need to be sent to this address:
Indonesian International Education Foundation (IIEF)
Menara Imperium Lt. 28 Suite B
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. 1 Kuningan
Jakarta 12980
(harap menuliskan IELSP di sudut kiri atas amplop)


“Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. What is IELSP?

The Indonesia English Language Study Program is a scholarship program sponsored by the United States Department of State which offers opportunity to Indonesian university students to join intensive English training programs at the American universities for 8 (eight) weeks.

The main objective of the program is to improve the English language proficiency (English for Academic Purposes) of the participating students. Also, this program aims to provide the students with an enhanced understanding of American society and culture, as well as the opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills.

  1. Who can apply?

IELSP is open for third-year and fourth-year undergraduate students from any university in Indonesia from any field of study. Applicants must be 19 – 24 years of age, and must have good English with minimum score 450 for TOEFL® score, either the International TOEFL® or the TOEFL® ITP. Applicants must be willing to participate in an intensive course for eight weeks in the United States.

  1. What are the requirements?

–          age between 19 – 24, and

–          still enrolled as undergraduate student, at least on the fifth semester (the 3rd year) in any field of study from any university in Indonesia

–          have a good English proficiency with minimum score 450 for TOEFL® score, either the International TOEFL® or the TOEFL® ITP

–          possess good academic record

–          active in organization or other activities

–          committed to returning to your home university immediately after the program

–          mature, responsible, independent, confident, open-minded, tolerant, thoughtful and inquisitive

  1. How do I apply?

In order to apply, applicants can obtain the application form at Indonesian International Education Foundation (IIEF), Menara Imperium Lt. 28 Suite B, Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav 1, Jakarta 12980. The application form can be downloaded from the IIEF website at The application form can be photocopied.

  1. What document should I prepare for the application?

The applicants have to attach these documents in the application form:

–          Completed and signed IELSP application form

–          One (1) color photograph 4 x 6 cm – affix it in the provided box

–          One (1) copy of valid Identification Card (KTP)

–          An official letter of enrollment from university

–          One (1) certified copy of your university transcript records from semesters 1 to 4

If you are a 3rd year student or from semesters 1 to 6 if you are the 4th year student or above

–          One (1) copy of high school diploma

–          One (1) copy of high school transcript record (STTB)

–          At least one (1) Letter of Reference from Faculty Member (use the attached from, and put it in a sealed envelope), preferably from your English teacher at the university.

Attention: please do not send the letter separately. It must be attached to the application form

–          One (1) copy of TOEFL®ITP or International TOEFL® score

  1. Where do I send the application form?

Mail the completed application forms are to:

Indonesian International Education Foundation (IIEF)

Menara Imperium Lt. 28 Suite B

Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. 1 Kuningan

Jakarta 12980

(Please write IELSP on the right upper corner of the envelope)

  1. When is the deadline?

For the Eighth batch, the deadline for IIEF to receive the application is October 18 2010.

  1. Do I have to own a passport and a visa prior to applying?

Applicants are not required to have a passport and US visa prior to applying. US visa for selected grantees will be arranged by IIEF. The next batch is scheduled to depart on February/March 2011.

  1. Where can I get the information?

For more information please contact:

Indonesian International Education Foundation (IIEF)

Menara Imperium 28th Fl, Suite B

Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. 1 Kuningan Jakarta 12980

Telp: +6221 – 831 7330 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +6221 – 831 7330      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Fax: +6221 – 831 7331       (office hours)

Email: Alamat e-mail ini dilindungi dari spambot, anda harus memampukan JavaScript untuk melihatnya

Andi Baso Tombong – Makassar

Cohort 5, Oregon State University

I would like to say thank you very much to US Department of State, to IIE in New York, and to IIEF in Jakarta which have given me the chance to learn English in Oregon State University. I don’t know how to describe how excited I am everyday. Not only because I can go to the United, but the most important thing are the excellent programs that I got there in Oregon State University.
In this IELSP Program I can learn American culture, their social life, and other countries cultures. Yeah, it is absolutely and 100% correct that IELSP has opened my mind to the world
Being an International Student in Oregon State University, makes me understand more about cross culture worldwide. I have many friends from South Korea, Libya. North Africa, South Africa, China, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Japan, and Kuwait. I learned many things from them, their countries, their education and we even shared about our major that hopefully can give contribution to my future. Generally, most of them are taking their Doctoral (PhD) and master degree there, so communicating with them could motivate us (especially motivates me) to take a higher degree in the future.

Elien- Jakarta

Cohort 3, University of Arkansas

Two months that I spent in Fayetteville was the best experience in my life, and I will never forget the things that I learned there. Two months experience has changed me a lot in many positive ways, I have improved my language capacity and personal life. I hope this kind of program can be continued in the future because this is a good program and it gives a lot of people more opportunity to learn American culture and language. Besides that, we stayed at a host family, and I am very thankful for that, because they showed me an America lifestyle and what a great family they are.

Ryza Aditya Pratama – Jember

Cohort 4, Ohio University

I have learned many things that changed me to be a better person. These two months gave me wonderful experiences not only about English but also about how much I learned about my own culture and American culture. About English, I have learned the American English in convenience class that increased my English ability. My curiosity and questions about American culture has been answered.
Before I arrived to the United States I just think that Americans are ignorant and they are individual and only have little time to interact and to talk with each other; but what I found in the first day and in the first week told me that it was wrong; they are so nice and welcoming me and my group.
The one of important thing that is not the same with some of my countries attitude is the punctuality. I found that Americans have a good commitment to keep their schedule in time, punctual, and arranged well. That attitude affects my own attitude and I am pretty sure that I will keep this good point of American culture.

are you interesting about this?, please contact Infokom BEM crew.

Deadline : 18 OKTOBER 2010



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  1. cory says :

    hy.. I am a one of all applicant who want take the scholarship of IIEF, but my application letter may be will arrive in 19 oktober 2010, is there any chance for me again??
    before at 18 okt 2010, I want to sent a fax to say my request about why my application be late. and may be at 19 okt 2010 my application letter will come

    thanks for your comment.. I need it for consider to sent my application letter with fedox/tiki or not?

  2. bemfkur says :

    thanks for your comment, actually, we don’t know anything about your applicant will be accepted or not to the IELSP team.because honestly, thats not our duty to answer your question. we hope you can asking this directly fo iief formu in their website.
    we wish that you have succesfull to get this scholarship.
    keep spirit..

  3. nelsa says :

    MORNING… i want to joint with this programe,,, may i know when this programe open again?

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